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We'd be happy to exchange WEB links with all dance related sites or sites of interest to dancers. Instructions:

  1. Insert a DanceSpots.com banner or text link on your WEB site. If you want us to display your banner on DanceSpots.com, we expect a DanceSpots.com banner on your site of at least equal size.
  2. Submit the form below. (Must complete #1 first).

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Your link will appear upon approval, typically within 24 hours after submission.

Link Exchange Requirements:

  1. Your links section (the section where your link back to DanceSpots.com appears) must be reachable from your home page with one click, or be on your home page.
  2. The link on your home page to your links section must be clearly visible and clearly named as a section where visitors would expect other web resources, such as LINKS, WEB PARTNERS, WEB FRIENDS, RECOMMENDED SITES, RESOURCES, etc. Examples of unacceptable names would be ABOUT US, CONTACT, BLOG, PRICING, etc.
  3. Your link back to DanceSpots.com should be clearly visible. It must not be: (1) a color similar to the background color or (2) a font so tiny as to be difficult to read. (Anything lower than 10px is too small.)
  4. Your site should have at least some remote relationship to our site's theme. We will not accept link exchanges with gambling sites, on-line pharmacies, pornographic sites, sites in poor taste, link farms, or for sites we feel are inappropriate for our readership.
Link Submission
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Example: http://www.billsballroom.com/links.htm
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  If you want us to display your banner on DanceSpots.com, we expect a DanceSpots.com banner on your site of at least equal size.
URL of your banner (optional):
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Example: http://www.billsballroom.com/banner.jpg

Brief Site Description
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Example: The largest dance floor and the friendliest teachers in Kansas. Come join us for our weekend parties.
Contact Information (not displayed)
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Example: Bill Smith
Contact E-mail:
Example: bill@billsballroom.com

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